Saturday, 19 November 2011

Bastians placenta...

Ok, here's a discussion topic if ever I found one.  I've just discovered that even though Bastian's placenta is frozen I can still encapsulate it and eat it.  I did tell my Mum that I would drink cow's pee and eat alfalfa if that would help (thankfully neither of those has proven to be particularly useful), and I know for certain that eating placentae has real nutritional and hormonal benefits.  So do I go down that road but then he doesn't have a pot and a tree like the other two (although Charlie's fern died when we moved to Northland and was replaced by a succulent that they then dug all the dirt out of  - no sign of the placenta anymore - that is now surviving on fresh air!).  I'm sure that I could benefit from the nutrirional side of things, but would that be wasted while I'm doing chemo - or if I'm ever going to do it then now is the time?

A lot of people I know are going to really struggle with this idea - but I'm not serving them Placenta Pate, I'm not sharing with anyone.  If you want some get your own :-)

I have considered this with each of our kids but my husband thought it was weird and kind of gross.  Now we have extenuating circumstances.  It's nowhere near as gross as chemo!

Is it disrespectful to it?  Or is it honouring the placenta by following the absoloute natural path that the whole birth process would take (albeit a bit late...)?

I really like the idea that Bastian can help me, just like I help him.


  1. Placenta encapsulation is really awesome! It made a night and day difference between my first and second postpartum experiences. I highly recommend it!!!

  2. I don't think it's disrespectful to it. You're returning it to the earth eventually - it'll just take a longer route. And if you treat it with respect while you are serving it up then no probs!

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