Thursday, 8 December 2011

chocolate morning tea..

What a lovely mornig and a wonderful surprise for me at our morning tea.  My Mum and sister-in-law came, which I was not expecting at all.  And a friend and colleague from Hamilton surprised me too.  It was also awesome to meet a couple of Bastian's milk Mama's - and the babes that share with him ;-) Overall a really really good day for me, although I was knackered the next day.  We took a wonderful load of gold home with us and when we have Christchurch sorted I have figured we should be able to get Bastian to 2 years old with breastmilk.  That's a whole year of donor milk - what an unbelievable day that would be, and every single day we are grateful.

Also to those of you who (despite my very clear instruction!) managed to pay for some of the morning, thank-you so much :-) - in my most growly voice of course!

We have been again to see the radiation oncologist and have decided against radiation at this point.  It affects mainly loco-regional recurrences and although we have an estimated 5-15% chance of recurrence, it carries a reasonable risk of causing another type of cancer.  Also to give some perspective, my chance of recurrence is less than the average persons chance of getting cancer in the first place.  So at this point we've declined, but have left the option open for the future - if we ever need it.  Not an easy decision but I am a million times more comfortable with it than I was with the chemo.  There just seems to be more tangible information and once again Dr Childs was great, answering all our questions without pressure and very clear about his position.

So I have had my last Zoladex - only a month of hot flushes to go (assuming my ovaries aren't poked and I'm not going to be menopausal despite it), and one more chemo on the 15th.  I am certainly feeling the cumulative effects of the Taxotere in terms of fatigue/tiredness so Christmas may be a little less exciting this year, but it's ok because there's only one more to go! 

I am shaving my head on New Years Day and starting fresh and new.  The wispy locks will be gone, as will hair in my food, hair in the plughole, hair stuck to my clothes and hair in my bum crack :-)

I have also had a phone call from the genetics lady who has confirmed that they are going to do the genetic testing on me (the bloods have already been done) and we should have results in a couple of months.  A long wait and another fingers crossed time for me as we desperately hope that it is negative.  Not just for my ovaries, but for my sisters and parents and cousins and neices etc etc.  We can but wait.


  1. Jaynie, it was so awesome to be there on Saturday with you and Bastion and your family. I think Alison's photos tell a lovely story of the morning. You are doing great. Love you heaps!

  2. So wonderful to meet you on Saturday. And to meet gorgeous Bastian. He is just such a cutie pie. Thanks for our hot chocolates... Bailey particularly enjoyed hanging with his mum for a special 'cafe date'...even though he did ditch me to run along to Harvey Norman to play on the iPads!! It meant a lot to meet you in person; I think of you often and think you are absolutely amazing. tara xx

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