Sunday, 15 January 2012

I thought it was bad before...

But this is a whole new level.  The cleaning lady has finished.  After 6 months of having family/friends and then a DHB paid for cleaning lady I now have to do it myself! I'm not quite sure how that will go :-)

It's actually great.  She has gone because I no longer need her.  I don't need to bleach my light switches every day, or mop my floor every day, or clean my toilet every day (although i think I will - 3 messy males using it warrants a clean every day), or vacuum every day, or hot wash my knickers and socks, or sanitize my hands a thousand times a day, or bleach spray the bench.  I can use any towel I like - the red towels, bathmats, facecloths and hand towels are not reserved just for me and no longer need hot washes. 

No more chemo, no more vit c, no more bloods and trips to town.  No more self-injecting, no more steroids, no more weird weight fluctuations (5kg between morning and night is kind of freaky).  No more hair falling out (I shaved it anyway).  No more steroids. No more chemo. Did I mention that?

Just regular stuff, like fruit and peppermint tea for breakfast, and exercising slowly.  And growing my hairy legs and hairy armpits and (sigh) hairy pubes back.  And I get to go back in or glorious chemical free spa :-)

And lots and lots of gardening.  Seeing life growing from my hands is awesome.  Every year I have my garden, but this time I have gone a bit mad and have seeds and seedlings everywhere, have dug up half a paddock, chopped off half a tree to let light into another bed and have pots/containers/ploybins full of plants and seeds everywhere.  We'll prob run out of water and they'll all die :-) But that's ok because I grew them in the first place.  I don't find gardening peaceful or cathartic (bla bla) - Bastian has a fit when we go there and runs over top of everything, Raife sits on them and Charlie picks it all - it is hard going with the kids.  But I feel like growing fresh new plants myself, that I can then feed to my family is an achievement for me.  There are no pesticides or insecticides.  There is always the occasional cooked up caterpillar, but protein is good!

It is about keeping ourselves well and healthy. And it is so good to be alive and to be part of my wonderful family.

Bring on the rest of my life :-)


  1. Yay! Never thought one could celebrate the joy of cleaning a toilet. Crack open the bubbly!

  2. This is an awesome post to read! Go you and your awesome garden!

  3. you ROCK chickee-waa!!! Much love from me xx (Deina)

  4. Awesome to hear you so upbeat and high on life. Fantastic. I must take a leaf or two out of your book! Well done missus. Xx

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