Monday, 20 June 2011

Boob casts and selflessness (is that a word?)

So many thanks to the wonderful Jane who came and did a couple of boob casts for me yesterday.  What a treasure you are to have stepped into my life at this time, amazing that fate leads us this way.

She came with candles and empathy and honesty.  What a gift!

 I will try and get some pics of the cast being done on here as my sister took some fantastic ones.

Interesting how I feel kind of relieved by having them done - like there is some proof out there now, for my family and for me.  Thinking I might get my kids to paint one and leave the other plain.  It seems kind of symbolic.

And gorgeous Pip, who seems to have taken me on and met with me today with homemade meals and glorious raw food treats, and most of all milk.  Beautiful milk for my baby boy, to grow him strong and keep him healthy.  In amongst the rest of her busy life with 3 children and a baby of her own she manages to do something for a stranger.

I am in awe at the support from people everywhere.  All around the world I am getting messages of prayers and wishes from people I may never have otherwise connected with.  It is really overwhelming and incredibly humbling to be lifted up by so many.  I feel undeserving - there is nothing that makes me different from any other parent, I do not love my children more or less - but I also feel like our gentle Mother is giving me a gift and showing me the strength of women and the community that usually hides from our everyday life.

Again, thank you to each of you who read and and walk this path with me - every smile and every tear counts.


  1. Jaynie - you are not a stranger to me, you are a Mama with 3 kids like me, who happens to live just down the road (how have we actually not ever met before now? We know so many of the same people), who happens to have many similarities to me, and who is going through something incredibly heart-wrenching and difficult. How could I not help you. I know that if our positions were reversed that you would do the same, no questions. I look forward to spending more time with you, sharing tears, laughter, joy and just generally talking more shit. xxx

    P.S. - Taken you on?? Do I know what I have got myself into?????!!!!

  2. Pip shared the link to your blog with us and my heart breaks for you! I will be sending you all the positive thought and love I can and hoping that soon you'll be looking back on this as one of life's speedbumps that you've safely passed.

    Thinking of you and your family.

  3. Jane shared a link to your blog. My heart is with you and your babies right now. I wish I was closer to help in some way with milk. Thank you for sharing your story. I will send blessings and love to you. And strength. For all of you.

  4. Sending you love, love, love. So glad there are moments of joy in the midst of it all for you. Kia Kaha!