Sunday, 12 June 2011

For the wonderful women with milk

Just thought I would let everyone know that we are covering all costs of getting the milk here, just in case anyone was worrying about this :-) Trying to organize transport through Trans Otway and will let you know!

Hi to you all who have frozen milk in Auckland -  I am thinking we might make a trip down (maybe take the kids somewhere cool) sometime in the next couple of weeks, and see if we can all meet in a couple of places that are convenient for you all and pick it up.  I am going to try and get the poly bins from the supermarket as they would be perfect for this, and probably won't cost me anything.

So can all who live in Auckland or between Kerikeri and there please let me know where O could meet you, - or suggest a good place for everyone to meet if that's possible? you can send me an email on

Thanks so much - Bastian will love you for it :-)


  1. Hi there, do you still need milk? I have plenty in the freezer that I'm not going to use. Only problem might bne that some of it's colostrum, I had far too much for my little girl (she's four months now).
    No problem to supply copy of antenatal bloods with milk. I'm a non-smoker, nettle tea drinker who tries to avoid sugar...
    I'm in Tauranga, and my email is
    Let me know, I'd be happy to help,
    Caitlin Dalzell

  2. ouch Jaynie that looks excruciating! Glad it is calming down, although it still looks painful. Donna B (don't know how to work out the "comment as" thing)

  3. another great place for poly bins is pet shops - they transport all their fish in them, and are generally very greatful to get rid of them! Supermarkets often dont have too many of them as the frozen food comes in cardboard boxes in chiller trucks and is then put straight into their freezers. Good luck with it all, praying that all goes well.