Saturday, 18 June 2011

Last night was crap

So we tried to give hime a bottle/ sippy cup/regular cup but no chance.  He's on antibiotics for the first time in any of our kids lives becausse he has a burst middle ear.  So not only am I trying to teach him to not breastfeed, but I am trying to do it when he's crook and needs it most.  It couldn't actually be at a worse time :-(

We have decided that in the daytime we aren't going to breastfeed him and try to get him to drink from a cup or bottle - I now have about 5 different sorts.  And at nighttime breastfeed until just before he goes to sleep and some 'other mothering' (thanks Donna).  This is the plan for the next couple of days, small steps.  Raife is just breastfeeding willy-nilly so I am being careful not to do it in front of Bastian, nor can I express in front of him - that would be cruel. 

Hopefully my boy can come round quickly - we are a bit pressed for time.

On the bright side spoke to another woman today - Nadia - who is having a similar experience to myself and feel better about the whole cancer thing in general, not so alone.

Plus I bought some new PJ's, so my butt crack is not cold anymore :-)


  1. xoxoxox Jaynie. My Olivia refused bottles and sippy cups and she is the most stubborn determined young woman that I have ever met. The message is that he doesn't really care about the milk. He cares about you! I am sure your boy will come round because he knows you love him!

  2. As an old-timer, might I suggest here that once you nurse him down and mother him to sleep at night, perhaps then daddy can take over night time nurturing for the time being. This will serve two purposes: (a) allow him and daddy to learn to adjust to night time needs and (b) let you start to learn to focus more on you. After your surgery and during treatments, night times are going to be a challenge to all of you and the happier the baby can be, the better you will be. It's as sad transition, for sure.

    I've often thought that, had I still been nursing when I had to lose my breasts, that I'd have planned some sort of ritual, such as maybe making a sour dough starter with some of my milk or something.

  3. Oh I love Dawn's idea of the sourdough starter or something! Hugs from me in Auckland too. I don't have a freezer stash but will keep an eye on how much milk you have/need as I may be able to start pumping extra for you.

  4. Oh gosh Jaynie. I think the idea of a breast milk dough starter is brilliant too.