Wednesday, 8 June 2011

link it in

Hi everyone, feel free to share the blog around to anyone or hook up to it.  I'm fine with pretty much anything!  Just spoke to Trans Otway again, so will be contacting all you willing donors out there to truck up your milk for my baby boy :-)  If you are able to get a copy of your antenatal bloods that would be great - this means that we can be worry free up here - usually a call to the midwife or gp and they can post them out, they're stored forever!  Also whether you smoke is important for me.  Then the plan at the moment is to post out chillybins and details and we're away.

Feeling pretty crap today, tired. And I worked a clinic today which was a little depressing as every single person wants to talk about it, as do all the staff etc. Which is great but tiring.  I have been trying to make everyone have a feel of my lump so they know what to look for themselves and people's reactions are pretty funny ;-) Everyone wants to but its the personal space bubble thing (mine is obviously very very small!) and someone else's boobs can be intimidating when they're as glorious as mine!



  1. Hey Jaynie, Charlotte here. Sorry, no boobie milk from these babies. I'm still in denial - can't quite believe it, as I'm guessing you must be a bit too. Anyway, as I'm sure everyone else has said, call if you need anything else at all. I've even got a practicing cert again so can help in quite a practical way if you need it ;)

  2. youre so strong. I admire you and I hope you the best in your journey.

  3. Charlotte - I'm sure you can re-lactate, wouldn't be too hard! Hahaha.

    Jaynie - my Dr colleague has got back to me very quickly. I have some info for you, if you are interested. How many of your ladies did you convince to rub your boob? I wouldn't mind copping a feel (gosh that sounds really really bad but I'm gonna leave it in there...) only because all the woman that I have treated with breast cancer have all come to me post-surgery so I actually don't know what a lump feels like and that scares me a bit. Anyway I ramble and probably sound like a stalker.

  4. Oh Pip ~ not a stalker at all! If I were still living in NZ, I'm sure I would be grabbing a feel too!

    And Jaynie ~ why YES! Your boobs are glorious! as is your energy!

  5. oh... sorry I can't send boobie juice from Canada ~ I think MAF Biosecurity may have an issue with it.... am emailing friends in NZ though to see if they are able :-)

  6. HI Jaynie,

    Sorry I am not very savvy with working my way around anything todo with computers so ou may have put this info somewhere thaat I can not find! :-) Where do I go to find info about donating mumma milk! :-) Where to send it to, how etc? x

  7. Hi Jaynie. I've sent you an email via Facebook regarding the big stash of milk I have, if you would like it. :) Tara