Friday, 10 June 2011

so feeling a little better...

Mastitis is starting to go away, some antibiotics and some ibuprofen and I'm no longer holding back the tears when i put Bastian on.  Nothing was even coming out and my whole nipple and areaola was so swollen it was almost twisce as big as usual - and I'm not usually a big nipple girl!  The breast clinic guys were talking about wanting me to go to Whangarei hosp (70km away) for iv antibiotics and to be admitted - how little they know me! My plan was to go to the bay hospital (16km away), have the ab's then home again, every six hours.  I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be keen on my husband and three young kids on their ward for two days.  And besides it's Charlie's 4th birthday party tomorrow so I was already booked!

Got the results from the latest biopsy - the lymph node report says "no evidence of metastatic malignancy is present" Yay.  Just my body doing the job it is so good at doing!

The other lump they tested is positive for cancer though, and there are more lumps than there seemed to be before, which is shit.

The big lump has come back as triple negative, which doesn't seem to be worse or better. So we'll see what the docs say on Tuesday.

To all you fantastic women wanting to give us your milk - I'll take every drop offered!  I'm getting everyone sorted into areas ans stuff like that and will be in touch about it soon, thanks so much -again!


  1. Gosh Jaynie that mastitis is freakin awful sounding! Is it in the same breast as the lumps? Yay for clear lymph report! What do you mean by the big lump being triple negative? Sorry lots of questions.

    Hope Charlie has a great 4th birthday party tomorrow and you are all able to enjoy it! We've just had Kates 4th bday party on monday.

    P.S. Am pumping hard out for you, just gotta get these boobs used to making extra milk!

  2. Wait - triple negative, is that your HER2 status - negative?

  3. Hey, have also left you a message on the eats on feets group - would love to donate milk. Just tell me how to get it to you :-)

  4. Wow... your story is very similar to mine. I breastfed my twin boys for 2.5 years, developed a plugged duct (at the 2 year point) that seemed to have resolved but then returned and grew to be quite large very quickly. Once the tests were done, I was also diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma and DCIS in December 2009. Like you said, getting a breast cancer diagnosis (I'm triple negative too) when you thought it was just a plugged duct is shocking, especially at 38 with no familial history! I can't donate milk, but I'll send you info on the breast cancer treatment journey since I did it all last year -- chemo, two surgeries, radiation and another surgery this year. You sound like you have the right attitude and support from your husband and friends to make it through. I wish you well!

  5. Hi, I have also just been diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. I have had to stop feeding my 11 month old girl as I started chemo 2 weeks ago. I'll be having chemo first then surgery followed by radiation. I live in Whangarei and would love to make contact with you. My email address is

  6. Hi Jaynie Tracey here what a fantastic idea and a great way to get support. Please let me know if you need a lactaid or anything else, I can rent electric pumps at cost from F&P let me know when you need one, or if you have any mother who has a great supply who could benifit from the use of one to donate milk to you.
    sending you light and love

  7. Will do all I can to spread the word for mothers' milk. Kia kaha. Fiona