Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Yay for the CT scan

I spoke to the surgeon this morning who said the CT scan was all clear! Thank goodness - I didn't even realise that I was nervous about it until I started talking to her.  One less thing to worry about - "a bit of good news in the gloom" said my Dad - ever the understater!

So many thanks to all you wonderful people out there for your prayers and thoughts and support.  This has already been a hard road for us, especially for Bastian and I , and we appreciate every smidgen of goodness that is thrown to the universe for us.

 He is starting to take the bottle better - it helps when you realise that there are different sized teats with different sized holes in them!  And I think by the time Friday comes he will be (was going to say OK with it, but that's not really the right word) more used to it.  I cannot say the same for myself.  Every time I feed him I cry, thinking that soon it will be the last time I ever breastfeed.  Every time I feed Raife I worry that he doesn't understand what's going to happen even though we have talked about it over and over - he is only 2 and a half so I'm not sure he really gets it.  I am desperately going to miss the let-down, that gorgeous tingling that says what a wonderful machine my body is. 


  1. I have just read your blog from the start you are one strong mama!
    If I lived in NZ rather than OZ, I would be happy to be one of your milky mamas, my son is 7 months, and I still have some oversupply issues.
    Wishing you the best possible out come.

  2. Great news re the CT Scan. You are always in my thoughts xoxo Sheryl

  3. Jaynie I have just found out thisevening what you are going through. I'm so so sorry to hear about it. I have just read through your blog and cried my eyes out. You are being so strong! You are one of the most beautiful and amazing people I know. I'm just in awe of how you are dealing with all this.
    I'm still breastfeeding so I would really like to help out if I can. I have emailed your friend also. You were my midwife so your or Justine have all my details anyway.
    Much love to you and your family Jaynie.
    Amy, Morgan and Marley xoxoxoxoxoxoooooooooooooooo

  4. Fantastic news about the CT scan, phew. Think I may have recruited a couple more donors for you, just emailing them about it all now.

  5. Watch "The Gerson Therapy" & "The Beautiful Truth" both on Netflix. Research Dr. Max Gerson!! Mainstreem medicine would have you think it is hokuspokus..strange how their first option is to go under the knife. You can heal **ANY** disease/illness with organic green juices and colon hydrotherapy. From migranes to cancer! After "therapy" a RAW food diet and juicing organic greens, veggies, and fruit is key. It is clensing on a cellular level. Healing from the inside out! You & your family are in my thoughts & prayrs!

  6. Jaynie, I will be thinking of you tomorrow. You are an amazing woman and much loved. Sending you love and strength xx

  7. Thinking of you for tomorrow Jay, big love to you and the boys (Special man cuddles for Danz)