Sunday, 24 July 2011

Fertility Associates

On Friday we went back down, saw the surgeon again for probably the last time and only very briefly between her surgeries.  The breastcare nurse took the drain out and so far so good.  Fingers crossed.

We also saw Fertility Associates who squeezed us into their once a month clinic up here - which was way better than driving to Auckland.  He didn't have much to offer other than to absolutely recommend the GnRH and we would need to see gynae to get that sorted.  We won't be funded as we already have 3 young children and a cycle will cost around $11,000.  He knew that Cyclophosphamide (the 'C' in FEC) was really bad in terms of fertility but the oncologist should have explained why it was - points off for the oncologist, again.

He answered our questions about why early menopause may happen and the implications on fertility and pretty much all our other questions too.  He was pretty good and even said he would ask his colleagues more specific information around the action of the cyclo.

Was impressed, but gutted.

I haven't finished having my family and even though I'm not sure at this point if I want to have more when I can't breastfeed them, I'm certainly not happy to have that option taken away from me.  Not really wanting to delve into this to much as it is a bit raw at them moment...

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