Sunday, 24 July 2011

A month down the track......

This is how I am looking exactly a month down the track.

We discovered the weirdest thing last night.  The comfeeel dressing was removed on Friday and my skin has been uncrinkling itself, and last night we discovered that what we originally thought was uncrinkled lines are in fact the bottoms of some of the stretch marks I didn't know I had underneath my breasts!  It's kind of weird as it is a remnant of my breast and so makes me a little sad.  Mostly I am confused about how I feel finding a little bit of my breast there when I had been trying to accept they were gone.  Part of me feels glad that I have a bit of 'proof', but am I going to be paranoid in the future that there might be cells in that skin?  Dunno.

Here is a beautiful pic of our boys and Bastian who has been thriving on donor milk for a whole month already!  He is getting a bit chubby and his hands and feet look right porky :-)


  1. you and your children are just beautiful, i cant believe how much raife has grown, he looks just like i remember charlie looking.

  2. I think you look beautiful.

  3. Those are beautiful photos, Jaynie! I've just been reading back about your appointments with the Oncologist etc - ugh! Finger's crossed you find someone who is a bit more open to discussion, huh?

  4. Gorgeous pics, gorgeous family. You're looking really well (happy, healthy...)X

  5. You are tooooo beautiful, and those vibrant children! What a Mama bear you are. <3