Thursday, 14 July 2011

Results of surgery

We saw the surgeon on Tues who let us know about the results from histology.  the lump in the Right breast is the same kind of cancer - triple negative - which I feel is good as it doesn't complicate things as much, and the lymph form that side was totally clear.  After the surgery she told us that she expected over 50% of the lymph nodes on the right to be affected as they looked unusual.  She got 15 lymph nodes - which she was a little disappointed with i think as she usually gets more - and only one had cancer.  It was one that was close to the lump rather than up my arm more, and she said this was "cautiously encouraging", which is about as good as it's going to get from a breast cancer surgeon I expect.  The only thing was that one of the tumors had one margin of 2.5mm.  She said if the margin is 1m or less then they recommend radiotherapy, and if it is 5mm or more than they don't.  So we are in the grey zone and need to wait until they all discuss it some more.  Not that keen on radiation, but I'm not really keen on breast cancer at all to be fair!

The giant haematoma is draining pretty ok into my grenade drain, but I do have some fluid under my right arm that is neither sore nor concerning at this point.  She saw it and hmm'ed and humm'ed and decided to leave it until next week. 

I went to playcentre today and although I love it, and it's nice to be out and about, going to physio straight after is incredibly knackering.  To be honest I felt like the physio is a complete waste of time and energy.  She didn't touch me once except to pat me on the shoulder as I left.  She gave me a photocopy of the exercises and read it out to me - and gave me a demo.  That was it.  She could have posted it and saved me the trip and the wear.  I think i'll do one more try next week and if that's all it is, then I'm going to flag it - and maybe pay someone with some more experience....if only I knew someone with a practising certificate.... ;-)

The would is looking really really good, and the surgeon was really pleased with how it is healing - yay for the Vitamin C. 

We have another surgeon app - probably our last - and an oncology app next week on Thurs.  So we're hoping to talk about CTC testing and fertility options.  Maybe looking into more 'protective' therapies for my poor eggs.

Also the Northern Advocate newspaper was here on Wed - really lovely people - and we're going to be in the paper.  Not sure at this point if it's this Saturday or next but we'll stick it up when we know :-)


  1. Honestly Physio's, who do they think they are eh???!!! And as for an APC why would someone not bother to get one of those??? ;-p...

  2. Cautiously encouraging IS encouraging,I think.I'm pretty sure they don't bother bullshitting or giving false hope these days.
    You're amazing!
    :) X