Saturday, 9 July 2011

world famous and back in hospital.....

so we were looking good last night.  Gill and her team did a pretty good job I reckon, and for every one of the negative (and usually misinformed or wrongly educated) comments there were at least 5 positive ones :-) and even negative attention is still attention.  The more talking there is about milk-sharing, breastcancer and banks the more will happen, so good on everyone who posted comments on the Close Up page.  If only one person checks for lumps who otherwise wouldn't then it's worth it.

Personally I think my kids looked pretty cute - but I could be a little biased - and my husband was cornered in the kitchen and matched the cupboards quite nicely!

On the down side, I decided that my seroma was getting a bit sore so went down to the breast clinic after my IV vitamin C on Friday about lunchtime.  They were more than happy to drain it and got off 140ml initially, then I sat up ans the nurse said it looked like I had moved some around so I lay back down and they poked me with another giant needle but none came out and she thought maybe there was a clot and I should be seen.  My surgeon is on leave and the registrars were both in theatre so off up to A&E I went.  In about an hour I went from the flat chest of mastectomy to about a D cup
And this wasn't as big as it got (please excuse my puku!).  my god did it hurt, like nothing else so far.  7ml of morphine just got it to ease off - I'm sure I only had half that post the mastectomy.  So in A&E of course they said it needed to be sorted and I would need to go to theatre again.  Funny that I had the same anaesthetist and he remembered me - plus the nurses recognized my fame ;-) So I spent last night back in the ward and got my hackles up really quick when i told the nurse that my baby would be coming with my husband to stay the night, then she came back and asked if he was breatfeeding I immediately launched into a very strong splurge about not discriminating against me because I had no more breasts and only I could feed him and bla bla bla.  the poor nurse - who was really nice - said she was just wanting to know whether we would need our own room.  I consequently apologised!  I was bristling and ready for a fight - and anyone who knows me will know that when I am on a rampage I'm pretty hard going! - Poor thing, I think I scared her, and she only looked like she had been nursing for not long (she looked about 20).  The surgeon said this morning that the haematoma he removed was at least 400ml, and there was a bleeding vessel behind it which had to be tied off.  So a little bit of a setback, but not really a big deal.  The Vitamin C will get me back on track i'm sure, but i've got a drain in again (exasperated sigh....)

Back home today to a wonderful extended list of donors for Bastian and so much fantastic support for us - you all rock and every little bit of support helps to hold us up :-)


  1. Man that looks so much bigger on my computer screen then it did on my phone! So glad they were able to sort it out though and hopefully the seroma will not return!!!

  2. Wow! Way to grow a new breast in double quick time! Fingers crossed it's sorted now and so glad to hear that there are more milk donors signing up.

  3. that looks painful Jaynie. Hopefully it's sorted now. And I would have reacted the same way to the (poor) nurse, BTW.