Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Boob cast pics - thanks so much Jane :-)

This is the Thursday afternoon before we left to go to Whangarei.  It was just after this that I sobbed my heart out in my own Mother's arms.

Just though I'd throw this in.

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  1. Awesome pics! Can't wait to see the casts.

  2. You are beautiful, Jaynie! That first picture is lovely. And there's nothing wrong with a good ole checkered shirt ;)

  3. These are beautiful photos of beautiful you (and Bastion). Like Pipee I can't wait to see the casts. Lucky button up shirts are "in" at the moment, and checkered ones as well :-). Just out of interest what is "brain farting"?...

  4. Hey Jaynie,
    Re: the shirts - embrace your inner bogan! Also, were you not allowed to lift your arms while getting the casts done? I thought we talked about that!!! :D

    Anywho, we all miss you heaps - Playcentre just isn't the same without ya! Heaps of love to you chick. <3

  5. Hi jaynie I read your blog and Im with you on this journey too and so thinking of you. Im so glad Bastion is coping well and enjoying his bottle of breastmilk or kind of getting there it tastes way better than formula!! It must be a big relief and eating what a good idea having another baby that eats well for him to imitate. You still smell like mum and thats what they really like the most.Hope you get some rest light and love Tracey

  6. These photos are beautiful Jaynie!