Friday, 1 July 2011

Here is an expample of my week...
Mon - out of hospital and slow trip home
Tues - drive to Kerikeri for IV vitamin C and 'supplies', see District nurse and have a drain removed
Wed - say goodbye to Mum and Dad, and my sister.  Try not to cry.  Convince district nurse I'm fine.
Thurs - drive to Auckland - leave at 8 am get home at 8.30pm - for bone scan.  Meet Kim and Vanessa and
            Gill from Close Up, fail to convince lactation consultant at Auckland Hospital to put
            my details on notice board for milk donors (absolutely not her fault, hospital beauracracy crap), have
            bone scan, drive home.  My two boys asleep when I get there as their Aunties wore them out -
            which makes me feel like a crap mother....
Fri - drive to Kerikeri for iv Vitamin C again.
Sat - hopefully just visitors, district nurse maybe will take out last drain
Sun - hopefully less vistors
Mon - physio app in Bay of Islands then up to ballet with Charlie and Raife in Kerikeri
Tues - Iv vitamin c in Kerikeri, then supposed to go to Auckland again for app at Fertility Assoc

It is increadibly wearing, all the travelling.  And I haven't even started chem or app with oncologists.  Let alone convincing them that the circulating tumor cells test is a good idea - we'll see who wins that fight ;-)

Had a funny discussion with my sister about swimming.  What's the consensus here - do you think I should wear any top?  I'm thinking along the lines of speedos only - more for shock value :-)

Anyway, Kim has invented me a new Facebook page 'Boob 2 Babe' (how cool is that!) so hook in to it, there are links there to an amazing online form if you feel like donating some milk to us ;-)



  1. Speedos 100% ! No doubt in my mind!

    Check it out Jaynie! (wish i could post a pic - but I haven't figured out how to do that yet....) so just go to the link below for an AWESOME photo!

  2. Hi Jainey, I just wanted to say we send you all the prayers and hope and hugs that we can possibly conjure up for you and your recovery. I will ask anyone I know who is breastfeeding if they are able to donate. Love the speedos idea!! Lots of love, Nina and Chris and Kitty and Byron from Opua Playgroup

  3. Sending you energy vibes
    and thinking of you.

  4. P.S. Voting for speedos :-))