Monday, 20 June 2011

Bring on the breastmilk!

Right we need to get moving. D-day is looming and my boy is going to be hungry and sad :-( so....

Kim Thompson is my delivery Angel!  her email is Just flick her an email with your name, contact details, how much you have frozen - if you have it or whether you are an expressing mama, and of course where you live!  She will sort everything from there :-)  You guys are awesome, and we all appreciate every little drop you can spare :-)

PS if anyone needs an electric pump let me know, as I have hook-up :-)


  1. Just read the month you have had. I am thinking of you and your family and sending positive thoughts your way. I know ceasing nursing will be hard but your boys will have learned strength and love from you in many different ways and will do beautifully. Take time for yourself and nurture your spirit.

  2. Hi your boys will be OK they know their mum loves them and if you cope the best you can they will too kids are very adaptable.

  3. Sending milk your way!