Monday, 20 June 2011

A message for my parents.

Tomorrow will be hard.  My Mum and Dad are coming back from holiday and coming to stay.  Knowing how I feel about protecting my boys makes me sad for them.  The idea that I cannot continue to breastfeed breaks my heart, but my babies are not sick - and I am their baby.  I feel their hearts must be aching for me - I cannot imagine the fear and dread of my own children not being well, and I know now that no matter how old you are you are always somebody's baby.

I'm sorry Mum and Dad.  I will be strong like you have taught me to be.  I will focus on myself like you have told me to do.  I will trust you to care for my own babies like you cared for me, when I am unable to do it.  I will ask for help when I need it and be honest with myself like you encourage me to be.  I will keep you proud of me and I will be there long from now, to look after you - just like you have and will look after me. 

I love you.  With all my heart and soul.


  1. Your heartfelt comments to your parents is lovely! Soak up all that mommy and daddy comfort and caring- it will make you stronger! Your babies are so lucky to have them at this time and will always remember them being there for them. My parents are gone now, but my children have such good memories of them that are priceless. Take good care of yourself- I've shown your blog to my daughters- we are rooting for you here in Northern California!!! Much love going your way!!! xoxo Chris

  2. Beautifully expressed Jaynie X