Thursday, 25 August 2011

Update on Bastian

The last two weeks he has got the hang of this eating business.  He is starting to eat real food not just paint, and boy do his poo smell funky.  We are starting to try to get him used to his Tanka to get away from using breastmilk solely for thirst.  The plan is to transition him to breastmilk only for sleeping, then only for nighttime.  He still wakes in the night - not a prob for me as the others often still do - so his intake over the dark hours is still quite reasonable.

Funnily enough his breastmilk poo smells very different but kind of the same as it did when I was feeding him, and his breath has that delicious warm breastmilk smell still very often.

I have finally stopped have prolactin induced sleep waves.  It has been very weird thinking about it in my non-mummy mind.  I must have really strong emotional feeding associations, not just physical ones, as every time I fed him until very recently I would get that kind of vacant, zoned out kind of feeling.  And at night I could hardly keep myself awake, identical to when I was breastfeeding.  This happens only very occasionally now and we are nine weeks out from surgery.  Also that glow that oxytocin gives you is coming back when i feed him as I have been doing skin to skin now that I am no longer sore and the dressings are off. 

the body is a wonderful machine :-)

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