Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year

We start a new year now and I am 2 1/2 weeks out from my last chemo.  I'm not sure which was worse - the first or the last.  But I had two very good friends to help me and I'm sure the staff thought we were nuts.  We pretty much took over their little space with our three people and two babies who were trashing their xmas tree and spreading blueberries across the universe.  Then when I had some 'assisted' skin to skin with my boy while I was howly-bagging was surely something never seen before - as if we worry about what anyone else thinks anyway! 

Weirdly I didn't feel the sense of relief that every was busy telling me I 'must be feeling'.  I wonder though if it was because there was still that lot of side-effects to contend with yet.  It has definitely been the worst of the Taxotere lot.  With a really aching body and sudden tiredness.  Two days before Christmas I had no tastebuds at all, I couldn't even taste pickled onions.  By Christmas day I had at least half of them back thankfully!

I have overdone it a couple of times and on Christmas night my body gave me a sort out.  In the space of 10 minutes I went from feeling just tired to shattered and sore and not coping. It was kind of scary that I can go down so quick but in hindsight I was pretty knackered by lunchtime and just ignored it - my own fault.

So now I am starting to feel better and am looking forward to continuing to get less tired and more normal again.  It will be nice to get some muscle tone back and be able to hang out a whole load of washing, or spend half an hour in the garden without feeling like I have run a marathon.  

Slowly slowly.

I have done the most awesome thing today.  There is nothing that has made me feel this good for such a long time.  We bought a new freezer and take a look at this..

What wonderful women you are :-)


  1. happy 2012 Jaynie, Daniel and boys. love the new freezer (well whats in it!!!) much love to you all xx

  2. Happy New Year Jaynie, Daniel and boys. Glad to hear you are starting to feel better Jaynie and thank goodness your tastebuds returned in time for Christmas!

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