Sunday, 8 April 2012


Is this a natural offshoot of my experience?  O was I always going down this path, being a staunch believer that attachment is an essential part of being a child?

In Jan/Feb I started talking to my husband about homeschooling.  This is a whole different ball park.  Charlie will be 5 (!) in June and there is a huge societal expectation that he will go to school as soon as he has his birthday.  Everyone talks about how they don't really have to go until they are 6, but it just fontal chatter.  Noone really thinks you would 'deprive' your child for another year - how grateful we should be to have them out of our hair.

Now don't get me wrong, I loved school.  I couldn't get enough - particulalry primary school.  At high school I was understimulated and bored.  I didn't have the choice to study the topics that I loved or the impetus to excel.  Having to do the ones I hated influenced my desire to immerse myself in those topics I coudn't get enough of - Shakespeare, Classical Studies, Drama, Art, Literacy, Languages etc.  Primary school was different for me.  I rolled through it loving every minute, stimulated and interested every day - but there was about 24 kids at our whole school, from 5 to 12years old.  Our teachers were, and still are, family friends and the community was so awesome (remember this is a childs' perspective).  My first school teacher is one of the most wonderful people I have ever been lucky enough to encounter (thanks so much Mrs Yates).  But my first ever teacher was the person who makes me think I can homeschool. Not because she necessarily agrees with it - I'm sure she doesn't – but because she did it. She taught me to read and write, but most importantly she taught me how to love learning. She held playgroup at our house and was a REAP lady. She was a teacher aide at the local school and is still teaching me and helping me to learn how to teach my own children.

My Mum has been my greatest teacher ever, and she probably doesn't even realize it. So because she taught me to love learning, I feel confident that I can teach a 5 year old – small steps :-)


  1. Jaynie, I found you long ago at the beginning of your battle through parents centre. Every time I read your blog and catch up on your progree I find you to be the most inspiring person. I am also a mother with 2 children and I totally get the school thing. I hated school from who to go...... But I made the decision to send my son to our local school at 5. He has blossomed and I think everyday how lucky we are. I admire your desire to home school and you don't have to do it forever. Sooner or later your boys will open there wings and it might be time for regular school. Your instinks were correct about the red poison, you might be right about school too. I mother's love is and intuition should never be taken lightly. Go well and in peace :)
    Bridget from Nelson

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