Friday, 22 June 2012

Bad news...

So on Friday a couple of weeks ago I decided that the dry cough I had had been going on long enough and I went to see the GP at the onco nurses suggestion (as my onco was away) for a chest x-ray.  Also the day before the district nurses had flushed my port and then I had a cold reaction which they were concerned was a 'septic shower' (when there is bacteria in the line of the port that gets flushed through your body every time you use it) and I they wanted me to go and do bloods.  So saw gp who said it might have whooping cough and also organized x-ray for pneumonia. 

Off I went to the local little hosp. 

Where the ED doc told me the chest x-ray showed tumours on my lungs, confirmed by a radiologist.

So lung metasteses 5-6 months after chemo finished.  This is not good news in anyones view.  Off to Whangarei to see visiting onco who admits his specialty is digestive but he consulted and he's very sorry but all he can offer me is capecitabine.

Capecitabine - if it works - will stop the tumours growing not get rid of them or shrink them, if it works.  capecitabine transforms into 5FU (flururocil) in the body.  This is the 'F' of the 'FEC' chemo I already had.  Not really feeling so good about this drug and it's chances of working. 

Spent the last week feeling like a bunch of arse, but my Mum and Dad came to stay and I am so thankful for everything they did.  They came and took over everything, cleaning, washing, cooking, gardening, feeding chooks, organising kids.  And almost the whole time I felt like shit.  Going to bed at half 6 but still not sleeping, sore tummy, sore chest, sore back, sore everywhere.

Saw my regular oncologist this last week.  he is so good.  He didn't know about the mets - he's just returned from a cancer conference in Chicago.  He was so different.  Suggested all sorts of different chemo options, but his big thing is that he's like to biopsy the tumours first to find out if they are the same as the original.  He said in 25-30% of cases the mets can be hormone positve - and that is a whole another game.  He has also suggested that we seriously consider moving to Australia to get access to some appropriate drugs that are not available in NZ because of the cost.  So more 'googling', and more waiting.  The biopsy has to be done under ct scan guidance so they don't poke holes in arteries and hearts etc.  I have a thoracic ct scan booked for the 3rd July and the ct guided biopsy on the 9th.  Hopefully there is nothing else.

We are also starting intravenous vitamin c at home.  With my gp's full support, and the port being fine we should be ready to go today or tomorrow.  Everything is here except the ascorbate. 100g day plus 6g liposomal and oral vit c.  This will sort this cancer business out, I'm sure.

Will write more when I have time.


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  2. Jaynie as a mum of two wee ones myself, and someone who has brushed too close to cancer in the past with my own family, I just want to tell you that I am sending as many positive, healing thoughts out to you as possible. I know how this must be so hard for you and your family, but stay positive. We are all praying for you. Muc love and a huge hug to you.

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